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Google Analytics Blog
Google Analytics Blog

Enter the free, shiny, new conversion tracking application from PadiTrack [...] it’s all about insights and action.

Ron Diver
Ron Diver

This looks very cool: retroactively available funnel and segmentation analysis. @Paditrack

Integrati Marketing
Integrati Marketing

PadiTrack is a free tool which allows to set up and track current and historical GA data into visual conversion funnels and goals.

Why Choose PadiTrack Reports?

It's really really easy to setup

PadiTrack is fully integrated with Google Analytics. No need to add any tracking codes to your website and data will be available to you instantly. It takes less than a minute to setup.

Magical Retroactive Analysis

Set up a PadiTrack account and you will have access to reports that take into account all the data you gathered since you’ve installed Google Analytics.

Find Key Business Insights In a Few Clicks

Our reports helps you find key business insights hidden within your analytics data with only a few clicks and with our useful segmentation options.

Your Web Analytics Reports Are Now Complete

Google Analytics tracks everything, PadiTrack allows to follow only what’s of interest for you. This way you have both: availability of data (GA) and relevance of data (PadiTrack).

Data You Can Actually Trust

Our algorithms allow you to find leaks in the way you are tracking data. This way you can troubleshoot tracking issues before it’s too late and your data is compromised.

Web Analytics Reports That Look Human

Our reports are so easy to follow, any decision maker in any company can look at them and understand right away what needs to be done. Save time, energy and make yourself look like a hero by using our reports.

Start Making Better Business Decisions Using PadiTrack's Easy to Read Reports